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Artist Profile

Cay Varholick has pursued visual arts as a means to understand and interpret her subjects.  She seeks to use visual art as a way to expose, ascertain, reveal and invent the world around her.  She seeks to unmask beauty, emotion, reality and order as they exist-- as a pure absolute, in balance or in conflict with its dicotomy.  She continues to search and divulge the perspectives that will enlighten, entertain and connect us at the core.


Cay's works range from landscape,  to life, to design, to still-life, to contemporary and to three dimentional pieces.  She works in oil acrylic, water color, pastels, graphite and charcoal.  When it comes to her contemporary and three dimentional pieces, she often uses other less conventional mediums.  She has painted across Europe, Asia and the Americas and shows a preference for subject matter involving landscapes, people and cultures.  She delights in the relationships of value, color and light, naturally occuring-- but barely discernable designs and the enterprise of unveiling this to the viewer.


Cay has been painting from childhood.  She studied art at Bowling Green State University, Baldwin Wallace College and Saddleback College.  Although, it is only in the last six years that she fully devoted herself to her artistic pursuits. 


Cay previously worked in the fields of psychology, finance and marketing.  She has worked in for the federal government and in a variety of industries, domestically and internationally.  The perspectives gained from these various walks of life are brought to her analysis of the subject and the results she conveys.  

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